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I’m a big fan of best friend. It’s the type of blog that makes me laugh out loud, and then I read the comments and feel like I’ve been punched in the stomach.

I don’t know what to say about this one. Im sorry but I’ve never had a best friend. I would rather have a good friend who makes me laugh than a friend who makes me cry.

Best friend is a great friend, but a friend who makes you cry is different, and a friend who makes you laugh is always the best friend. Your best friend can mean more than just friend with whom you go out to eat and stay in. They can become your best friend.

I think Ive been kicked out of my best friend’s blog due to my lack of understanding of what you’re talking about. And this is not the first time Ive seen a person who has a good friendship with a good person. If youve seen her before, she might be your best friend.

We are very glad to see you back, friend. It’s not that we’re upset to see you go. We just feel bad for you. You might have been the last person on Earth that we would have thought would be our friend.

To be fair, we’ve seen them before, but their relationship with Colt has been a bit rocky at times.

I would have preferred that you had been away for a lot longer than that. And we would have given you what we could have.

I think we would have told you to go with the flow and get on with it. We are all very sorry when our friend leaves us alone. We would like to see him enjoy his time with you. But we have to admit that we haven’t exactly been a fan of your relationship with Colt. Because although we wish you all the best of luck you’ve proven to be a bit of a jerk sometimes.

So we’re a bit puzzled as to why you’re still playing with our friend. And we are a bit confused as to why you continue to be friends with Colt. We’ve heard that you have a bit of a grudge towards Colt because you were worried that he’d made Colt a permanent member of his crew. And we’re not surprised you have a grudge towards Colt because we dont think you like his antics at all.

No, we really don’t. We think Colt is an idiot, and that you’re both just really annoying. We’ve enjoyed them hanging out and hanging out, but we’ve also always thought you were cute.

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