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The blog del narco tamaulipas 2016 has so much potential. I have been meaning to write a post for it since December 2015. I finally got around to it this past March. It was a lot of work to write, but now I’m finally done, and it’s here in Spanish.

I have to tell you, these posts are going to be a lot of fun to write because they are a combination of both of my favorite types of writing.

I’m sure all of you have already heard of it but I’ve been telling you about it for a while. This blog is about the things that are happening in the Mexican drug war, especially the war on narco-trafficking. It’s also about the war on drug cartels in general.

My friend and I talk about the Spanish drug war but we always talk about the other side. You can feel the anger and frustration of the people who have been there for a while. Our friend and I talk about the various ways that these cartels are getting involved. We talk about the things that are really important to the cartels, and even those who are involved in these drug cartels are the ones that are on the highest level.

The Spanish drug war began when a group of people moved to Mexico to escape violence and poverty. In the 1980s, they started to do what they could to fight the drugs that were coming to their country, and the whole thing was pretty brutal. The money that came into Mexico was a huge source for the cartels, and they started to move drugs across the border. The government reacted by putting more and more money into the fight, and the cartels were able to expand their operations.

The Mexican government saw a chance to reduce the violence and make things easier for the cartels, and they stepped in and imposed a policy of “el tamaulipa” (the “high-level” drug) enforcement. The drug war in Mexico has been going on for years, but it was really effective in taking out the cartels: the government could only keep so many people in prison.

Well, after the drug war ended, the government decided to put more money into the fight against the gangs. One of the biggest money-makers was the narco-trafficking cartels. Before the government could even start the drug war, it needed to take the money the bad guys were earning and turn it into money to pay the drug war. The government did just that, and they put more and more money into the fight against the cartels.

You can’t just put money into the fight against the cartel cartels.

Not in Mexico. They have their own rules, regulations, and laws. The cartels have nothing to do with the Mexican government, and they certainly don’t have the power to give the government a hand. As a result, when the government decided to crack down on the drug cartels, it ended up causing even more problems. As the Mexican government, like the Drug War itself, has had many failures, you would think they would have learned by now.

To help solve this problem, the Mexican government has decided to crack down on the cartels in their own way, by creating Mexico’s own version of the US border wall. To this end, the Mexican government has come up with the idea of creating a wall that is like a border fence in Mexico, only with more of a fence. The Mexican government hopes this wall will go a long way in making it more difficult for the cartels to cross the border into Mexico and thus keep them out.

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