dog with a blog you’re not my sister anymore


The fact is that dogs are a part of our lives. We do lots of things. We may be a little pet-like, but we also have big responsibilities. You’re the only dog you have, so you might as well be here with us.

Dogs are a huge part of the lives of so many people. We spend a lot of time around them, and most of our day is spent with them. They play with us, they protect us, they’re part of our family. Yet, we don’t often think about them, or even realize that they are a part of our lives. That’s because the “dog” part of our lives is often taken for granted, even for those of us who live with dogs.

Thats where Bloglovin comes in. It allows us to connect with our favorite bloggers and share our thoughts, feelings, and experiences. With Bloglovin, we can also share our dog’s favorite moments, because theyve shared their happiness with us before. It’s a good way to stay connected and share those things with the community of like-minded dog lovers.

This is not the time to jump on the bandwagon, but you get the point. The time for posting on a new site is now. The old days are gone, and we’re all in for a new time. I’m glad I got to share.

We don’t want to get stuck in a dead end loop, but if we could, that would be awesome. I know you’re not a dog lover either, but we’d be delighted to see you again.

We are still waiting for dog with a blog.

There are currently two blogs, one for each of our online pets, but they’re both pretty much in the same boat. We got a dog last year and the dog blog is still up, but our other blog is completely dead and we have no idea where to find it. We can still get into the other blog, but not as well.

I can’t say we’re too sad to be stuck in the same loop. You can still find us on the blog for our two dogs, or go to our Facebook page and see our page there. Thanks for the kind words, and we hope we see you again soon.

Well, just to recap, our online pets are all over the place. That’s kind of the point of them. We don’t really know which one is which.

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