Some Common Questions about Personal Injury

Personal Injury

It’s usual for personal injury victims to have questions after sustaining injuries in an accident. Questions are just as the injured people fall prey to various misconceptions and make wrong decisions. Therefore, they must get the answers to such questions in order to solve the problem more easily. The answer to these questions can be found only if you consult a specialized personal injury lawyer. They will answer all your questions about personal injury and provide you with all the required legal help.

1. What happens in personal injury case proceedings?

In the case of personal injury, the suit is being filed by the injured party. The defender party gets time to file an answer. Both the parties present their evidence in the case using depositions, interrogatories, etc. The parties have opportunities to reach an agreement in the case through mediation and negotiations. If they cannot agree, the injury lawsuit goes to a jury to decide.

2. How much can one get compensated by personal injury law?

There’s no way to precisely value the claim, but it is possible to guess the approximate value. The claim’s value includes the economic damages like costs for medical treatment, loss of wages, paying for the help needed around the home, and physical therapy. 

These losses are counted and then applied with a multiplier of 1-1.5 for moderate injuries and up to 5 for severe cases to account for pain and suffering. A person should also evaluate the defendant’s resources and ability to pay the compensation demanded. 

3. What happens if the person injured is guilty or partially guilty?

One might be involved in the process of getting injured himself. If maybe accidentally or intentionally. If involvement is found, the person can still appeal for compensation. But in this case, they won’t be able to blame the defendant. The compensation the affected one receives will be part of the expected amount. 

4. How long does the case run, and how is one treated during the case?

Generally, a simple personal injury case runs for a week or a few weeks. But in some cases, it can also take from six months to a year. During the case, the affected person is kept under treatment if needed. Medical leave for the person is granted in workplaces with no wages off or provided a partial salary. The legal professionals collect evidence and points from him for further investigation. 


There are so many misconceptions about personal injury matters. Most people even don’t know about it properly. But personal injury is a serious field where one can get legal help.

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