6 Tips for the Best Marriage Proposal


Are you ready to take the plunge and pop one of the most important questions of your life?

Before you do – here are some important things to consider:

Make Sure She is on the Same Page

A simple rule of thumb to follow – you cannot propose if she isn’t into you as much as you are into her. That said, before you even start to plot your big proposal day, you will want to ensure that both have got married on your mind.

If you don’t know what she is thinking, you might want to probe into her mind and see whether she sees her future with you – the way you do.

Suppose you are nervous that a conversation about the future might reveal your plan to them. In that case, you can initiate a broad conversation about a random friend’s engagement and lead her into it to see what she says and thinks about your future together.

There are some tell-tale signs that your partner sees a future with you:

  • They “show” you on their social media accounts.
  • They try to get along with your friends and family, especially your parents.
  • They discuss future plans with you.
  • They suggest adopting a dog/ cat with you.
  • They offer you to move with them in their home.
  • They invite you to meet their family.

Talk to Her Parents

When it comes to planning an excellent proposal, you might want to take the old school route and talk to her parents. Your partner might have suggested in any way that you will have to ask for her parent’s blessings before asking her hand in marriage.

Even if she hasn’t pointed out anything of that kind, you still might go ahead and have a chat with her parents. You could confide in them that you are going to propose to her and that you love her and want to spend the rest of your life with her.

Select an Engagement Ring

No proposal is complete without an engagement ring. The engagement ring is typically a diamond ring that your spouse-to-be will wear for the rest of their life. The ring symbolizes your love for her, which is why you should invest your time and effort while making this purchase.

Now, while choosing the engagement ring, you will have to ensure that it remains a secret until the day you want to propose. If you don’t know the ring size, you might want to take pictures of her hand and some other ring that she might be wearing.

You can also borrow a ring that she isn’t currently wearing and take it to the jeweler. You will, however, want to know what her personal preferences would be in terms of the diamond cut and shape. There are three types of diamond shapes for the engagement ring – round, marquise, and emerald.

Ask her close friends and family for suggestions before going on a ring hunt. We cannot stress enough the importance of getting the size of the ring tight. You might want to buy a slightly bigger size and have it resized later.

If you want to make the engagement ring so much more special, you might want to hit up the internet and search for jewelry engraving near me. Engraved jewelry is perfect for wedding bands and allows you to take things to another level.

To make the ring even more personalized, you can incorporate your own handwritten message for your significant other – they will relish the jewelry for their entire life as it will become the ultimate token of your love for her.

Decide the Place

Now that you have received the blessings of her parents and bought the ring, it is time to decide the place and date where you want to propose. While you might be the one who is proposing to her, you will want to keep in mind your partner’s preference regarding the type of proposal that they would love.

It doesn’t matter what your budget is; you must ensure that the spot you choose is perfect, beautiful, and sentimental to set the mood for the big question. Even if you two spend loads of time cuddled up together in the living room, you can go the extra mile and make things more special by setting the mood.

There are different ways to do so – for instance; you might create a romantic setting by setting up loads of candles. You will be surprised to know how much of a difference lighting can make in changing the feel and vibe of the place.

However, you can also choose an outdoor setting, such as your favorite restaurant, or take her out to her favorite dining place and have the staff involved to plan the perfect surprise proposal. You could hide the ring in her molten lava cake, and when she bites on it, she will have the surprise of her life.

Plan a Post-Proposal Celebration

Of course, you will want to celebrate once she says yes to your proposal. You might want to have her family and friends waiting in the wing and pre-plan the celebration party with a few hidden bottles of champagne.

You can also book a table at her favorite restaurant and turn the entire proposal into a full-fledged family affair – but only if she likes.

Also, to plan the proposal, you must come up with a good cover-up story as your partner might know that something is up, especially when you share a house. If you feel that they won’t feel insecure about your absences without her, then you might lie about hanging out with your boys while preparing the perfect proposal plan.

Do Not Lose the Ring

You might have bought the ring in advance of the set date of the proposal, which is why you ought to be extra careful about keeping the ring safe. You might want to opt for insurance and keep the ring in a safe place.

When it is time to propose, don’t throw the ring randomly in your pocket; rather, secure the ring inside a box and place the box inside a zipped pocket so that it doesn’t accidentally fall out. Also, make sure that the ring is easily accessible and that you don’t have to fumble much while you are down on one knee.

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