Altcoin And Its Seasonal Worth By Kucoin


Undoubtedly, KuCoin is a huge crypto exchange in today’s world. KuCoin operates in more than 200 countries. The KuCoin platform is also considered the safest and most trusted one. About 18 million users on KuCoin support a trading volume of 1 trillion USD. KuCoin also provides a news feed from 1 million investors to keep their users updated about the crypto market. More than 700 Altcoins are listed on KuCoin, and we are here to discuss each detail of Altcoins. You can find an Altcoin and its seasonal worth in this post from KuCoin.

Altcoin Season

It is a time when Altcoins perform better than Bitcoin. Since we all know that BTC has the biggest market capital in the whole crypto world. The trading volume is much higher than any other cryptocurrency. We all hear about Bitcoin dominance. It is the ratio between the Bitcoin capital to Altcoin market capital. When the combined volume of Altcoins takes over the Bitcoin volume, we can say that the Altcoin season starts. In this scenario, investors and traders start taking more interest in Altcoins and distributing their portfolios among them.

Things Make Altcoin Season Happen

Nobody can know the exact cause of the Altcoin season. However, some factors help indicate the Altcoin season. After a certain peak of Bitcoin, it became stable like the USDT price and stopped giving more profit to investors. Investors transfer Bitcoin to other Altcoins like BNB, IGO, and ETH, in this case, to make more money. This is one cause of the decrease in Bitcoin’s dominance in the cryptocurrency market. Also, many people take more interest in Web 3.0 and support Defi technology and NFTs, as we all know that Altcoins are supporting these technologies. Therefore, the boost in trading volume of Altcoins occurs in the market. 

Right Time To Buy Altcoins

It is a difficult question to answer because of the high volatility of the crypto market. It isn’t easy to estimate a perfect time when the Altcoin season start and ends occur. It would help if you did your homework about the Altcoin you are interested in. Then manage risk properly to make more money compared to losing. Nobody can tell you a perfect time when the Altcoin season began. It may occur several times a year or just once a year. 


The advanced features in a KuCoin make it one of the most successful crypto platforms. Now KuCoin ranks among the top 5 crypto exchanges in the world. The high innovative minds of the cryptocurrency industry are behind the growth of KuCoin. From the customer support to the account security team, everyone is very cooperative and gives their best to maintain the success of KuCoin. In the above post, we discussed the Altcoins in detail. The Altcoin season comes when the volume of Altcoins takes over the volume of crypto’s biggest currency, Bitcoin. It isn’t easy to estimate the period of this season. It is better to conduct market research about the coin you are interested in.

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