Best Irish Whiskeys in 2022

Irish Whiskeys

It is almost impossible to discover a bottle of Irish whiskey that isn’t delicious. The vast majority of Irish whiskeys available in the United States are smooth, simple to mix, and generally a pleasant experience to sip alone or in a cocktail. Because there are so few distilleries in Ireland, there are fewer possibilities for Irish whiskey than there are for other varieties. The quality and attractiveness of these well produced whiskeys is unaffected by this. Single malts, small batches, and whiskeys matured in barrels are only a few of the greatest Irish whiskeys. As you can see, there’s a lot more to it.

Whether you’re looking to splash out on a special occasion or just want something to drink on a regular basis, these Irish whiskey bottles are perfect additions to your bar.


Redbreast has long been a favorited among whiskey connoisseurs, making it an excellent choice for whiskey drinkers. Distillery No. 1’s 15-Year-Old Pure Pot Still Irish Whiskey is an excellent example of this kind of whiskey. For this bourbon, unmalted and malted barley is combined and aged for at least 15 years before it is bottled.

This Irish whiskey is often referred to as “lovely” while discussing it. Malt, caramel, and even a hint of fruitiness can all be found in this beer’s flavory profile. You won’t be disappointed with the extended conclusion. Just one sip demonstrates that it’s worth every penny, with an alcohol content of 46 percent by volume (92 proof).

The Irishman Single Malt

Some of Ireland’s greatest whiskey is being produced at the Walsh Whiskey Distillery in County Carlow. A highly regarded and award-winning bottle of single malt whiskey from Ireland, Irishman is one of just two brands produced there.

The distillery can only create 6,000 bottles of this three single malt at a time. Oloroso sherry barrels are used to finish the whiskey’s aging process. Whiskey infused with fruit, vanilla, and almond aromas is wrapped in an 80-proof spirit that’s very smooth, flavourful, and pleasantly sweet. The finished profile implies that you paid a lot of money for it. It’s a welcome surprise for budget-conscious whiskey drinkers and cocktail connoisseurs.

Knappogue Castle

Knappogue Castle Irish whiskey is one to keep an eye on. This distillery specializes in single malts and is one of the few that places such great emphasis on age statements. Each bottle clearly states the minimum amount of time that the whiskeys in the blend spent in barrel to guarantee that whiskey fans aren’t left in the dark. No matter how good or cheap other Knappogue Castle expressions are, the 16-Year-Old Single Malt is a masterpiece in its own right.

14 years of whiskey aging in ex-bourbon barrels go into making this “Twin Wood”-labelled whiskey. In Oloroso sherry barrel after that, which is noticeable on the aroma as soon as the bottle is opened, the wine is done aging. This 80-proof whiskey pairs well with or after dinner because of its vanilla, malty woods, and mouth-watering array of fruits.


Even while smoothness is usually associated with Irish single malt whiskey, several varieties transcend this stereotype. For admirers of peated scotch, go no further than Connemara whiskey. This premium whiskey is made in Ireland at the Cooley Distillery using malted barley that has been dried over peat.

Best of the best is the 12-year-old Connemara. While the original is a little harsh and the barrel strength is a little too robust, this whiskey is both smooth and powerful. The well-balanced whisky offers enough of peaty flavour and character to enchant the tongue. Because of the extended finale, it’s a unique experience. Although this 40% ABV brew costs a lot, it is worth it considering everything it has to offer.

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