Can You Refinance Your Home While Remodeling


A house bought on a mortgage one day begins to need repairs. New improved materials appear, and owners want to improve the layout of the house or add new energy-saving technologies. Since all these projects require significant funds, the question of refinancing a house arises as an opportunity to find the necessary finances. But you need to approach the refinancing process responsibly and follow all the rules. And only then will you be able to get the necessary funds for reconstruction. 

What Is Home Refinancing with Cash Out?

The value of a property purchased with a mortgage some time ago could have risen substantially over the years. During the cash-out refinancing process, the homeowner performs several steps:

  • Takes out a loan against the new value of the house.
  • With this loan, pays the rest of the mortgage debt.
  • The remaining difference is cashed out.
  • The received money is invested in repairs or directed to any other needs.

How to Know When to Refinance to Get Remodeling Money?

For example, a person conceived a bathroom remodeling Laplace with an expansion of its area, the creation of a modern ventilation system, and a super stylish interior design. Such repairs will require serious investments, which the owner may not have. Then, they decide to resort to refinancing. But the question arises, “When to apply for refinancing?”

  • Before reconstruction
  • After renovation
  • During remodeling

Refinancing Before vs. After Reconstruction 

  • The advantage of refinancing before renovations is that the owner will have free finances, with which they will be able to remodel the bathroom.
  • The downside is that by asking for refinancing before the renovation, the house will be valued lower than after it, and so, the owner will be able to cash out less money than if they applied after the reconstruction.

Therefore, if you have the opportunity to take funds for repairs from another source, it makes sense to do just that. By refinancing a home after renovation, you can:

  • Close the old mortgage;
  • Return the loan for repairs;
  • Keep the difference and use it for other important needs.

Why the Idea of ​​Refinancing During Remodeling Is Not Good 

By renovating a house bought with a mortgage, the owner may think that they are only making things better. After all, by updating the windows or redoing the bathroom, making a wide living room at the expense of an unnecessary small room, they make the house more comfortable and attractive. And thus, it increases its value. However, creditors look at this issue in a completely different way. There is a downside to the likelihood that borrowers will improve the home and its value in remodeling. These are the risks that they will violate something, as a result of which the house will fall in price. To prevent this from happening, do not do major repairs yourself. Contact reliable contractors who will do all the work in compliance with rules and regulations.

Where Can I Find Reliable Contractors in My Region?

By contacting the HomeQuote platform, you can solve several issues at once absolutely for free:

  • Calculate the cost of the intended repair with the help of AI.
  • Get contacts of the best contractors in your area and an estimate of the cost of services of each company.
  • Comparing the estimates of different contractors, you will choose the one that suits you best.

HomeQuote cooperates only with companies that have all licenses and certificates. Therefore, you can be sure that such a contractor will make remodeling in compliance with all building codes. This means that your home will increase in value significantly, and you will be able to benefit from refinancing.

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