Car Servicing: Importance and Tips to Follow

Car Servicing

Regular servicing of your car is crucial. And the more you keep your car maintained and in proper condition, the better its performance will be. If you look at the official site of a car manufacturer, you’ll see the guidelines and the importance of servicing your car. Even if your car is a brand new one, it needs half-yearly or yearly maintenance. Hence, to keep the car in good condition, have it serviced regularly.

Many youngsters don’t understand how crucial regular maintenance is, and their cars need routine checkups. Especially the first-time car owners will have no idea about the importance of routine checkups, and they will not do it unless the dealership suggests. If you are not aware of the importance of routine checkups and services, read the rest of the article. 

The article will help you understand the importance of regular servicing and car service tips. After reading the article, you’ll be able to know why you need to service the car regularly.

Why is car service necessary?

Servicing your car in regular intervals is the best way to make it durable and reliable for the years to come. A well-maintained car can go on for decades, and it all depends on the owner. The following are the reasons you need to service the vehicle frequently.


Road accidents kill a great number of people. People know this situation and still don’t obey the traffic rules. To avoid possible fatalities, you must ensure that the safety features and drive assist techs are well maintained. You must check the brakes, fluids, fuel tank, steering system, and suspension of your car before going for a long drive.

Save the extra expenses.

If your vehicle is not serviced routinely, it may break down, or some parts of the car may malfunction. Repairing them will cost you way more than the actual parts’ price. The saying goes, “prevention is better than cure.” 

Keep the car well maintained and keep it in the garage to use when needed.

Higher sales value

A well-kept car will have an attractive look. And the performance will be on par with a new one. If you need to sell the car or exchange it for a new one, you’ll get a better exchange offer or resale value. Keeping the Full car Service History (FSH) with you will help you when they ask for the proof of maintenance and repair history. Overall, you will get the best value for a well-maintained car.

Enhanced performance

A responsible owner will keep their car in a safe condition and away from the environmental elements. And there will be lesser wear and tears, which makes the car more reliable. And regular servicing is what makes the vehicle run smoothly.

Now you understand the importance of servicing the car regularly, take a look at the servicing tips that will help you in the future.

Car service tips:

Steps and guidelines for servicing can be found on the manufacturer’s official site, but you can add a few personal things to make your car look and perform better.

Change your filter and oil when needed

Lubrication of your engine is of utmost importance, and if the oil is less or is losing its property, there will be friction in the engine parts. If this continues, the engine could get damaged pretty badly. 

The filter is another thing that needs to be cleaned at certain intervals, and if you live in a highly polluted city, the filter should be changed more frequently than usual. When more pollutants fill up the filter, it will cause issues in the engine.

Maintain your engine

It is the heart of your car. And keeping it well maintained is necessary. Though you cannot figure out the issues in your engine, asking your mechanic to check it once in a while will help. 

Check out the owner’s manual

To understand the car’s specialities and functions/features, you can go to the manufacturer’s official site or the owner’s manual. The owner’s manual will have everything you need to know about your car, which even your mechanic might not know. Every year a new technology emerges, and the manufacturers try to incorporate it into their vehicles. Hence, checking the owner’s manual will help you figure out things.


Tires are a major part of the vehicle that touches the ground, and it needs to be taken care of regularly. When it comes to tires, one has to check the air pressure and wheel alignment. 

These tips will help you keep your car in excellent condition.

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