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Create a mesmerising maximalist decor with these lighting ideas

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While minimalism has been wooing the design scene for a long time now, we often forget about a design language on the other side of the spectrum that is not quite as mainstream as minimalism. Maximalism has been a part of the design scene for centuries now, and after losing its relevance in the modern era, the design language has stormed back and is winning hearts like it always did. 

Maximalism might sound and appear chaotic, but it is quite organised and holds much more meaning if you carefully look at it. People implement maximalism into their design scenes and use each and every element in the decor to let their homes speak their story. Maximalism is the best way to convey your personality through your decor, but it doesn’t mean you let your living space be too cluttered. Now, don’t worry about it, as we bring the best lighting ideas to nail a perfect maximalist design. 

1. Weave a story through your lighting 

A maximalist design is basically a reflection of your thoughts in your decor, and that’s why it is essential to get this part right. As mentioned before, maximalism is not about cluttering your decor but adding elements that paint their own story in your decor. Now, a pendant light is kind of a perfect lighting design that not only creates a stunning focal point in your decor but also adds functionality to your living space. 

Now, you can either use patterned pendant lights to exude an enchanting shade in your decor, or you can use a standard lighting fixture. Pendant lights are usually available in glass or metal, and they have a distinct aura to add to your space. You don’t have to sweat a lot to find the best of these lighting fixtures, as you can head online and lay your eyes on the finest pendant lights India has ever seen. 

2. Add warmth to the space 

There’s nothing better than making your place cosy with the lighting and the decor and creating an inviting atmosphere. Now, warmth can either be enhanced by an overhead lighting design like chandeliers and ceiling lights, or you can go with your standard ambient lightings like table lamps, wall lamps or floor lamps. Determine the purpose of your lighting, and based on your need, you can choose the right fixture.

If you’re up for something rad and trending, then a long chandelier light would be just the right thing to go for. It not only sets the tone of your interior but also balances the light across the room, changing the visuospatial perception of the space too. 

3. Highlight your home decor to complete the look 

While ambient lighting and task lighting are always prioritised, accent lighting is something that is not looked at often. Accent lighting basically emphasises all the elements that need to be highlighted in the decor. Accent lighting is perfect for bringing the right attention to all the art pieces, sculptures, artifacts and other elements in your decor. You can use wall lights, table lamps, or LED highlighters for this purpose. 

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