Crypto Tokens Launched by KuCoin in 2022


KuCoin is one of the most popular exchanges that continuously list a high-performing crypto token on their site. With a trading volume of more than 1 trillion USD KuCoin has attracted various project holders’ attention. You will find a big number of upcoming projects on KuCoin, and these projects include maximum benefits for KuCoin users. Also, KuCoin support different famous coins like KCS, USDC, ETH, and several other for trading. In this post, we talk about the crypto tokens launched by KuCoin. There is a big list of such coins, but we discuss most favorite ones. So, let’s start discussing!

Terra Luna

KuCoin value-added another rattling coin to their website in 2022. This coin is known as Terra, listed on KuCoin with 2 pairs LUNA/USDT and LUNA/USDC. Also, we all know that owing to the Tether as a base coin, individuals begin taking an additional interest in it. Terra Luna includes a capitalization of regarding 309.30 Million. Terra Luna’s worth acts equally to different cryptocurrency costs. Let’s additionally discuss its excellent blessings; currently, we tend to discuss several of them here. One of the vital roles this coin plays is reducing the volatility of stablecoin within the blockchain. The dealing between completely different wallets is so quick that it takes 6 seconds to complete. 


With a capitalization of around 2.67 Billion USD, XLM is an open source public network that gives its users the most effective dealing expertise. They indicate the ability of decentralized cryptocurrency transfer of cash, which could be a quicker and more economical method of dealing. XLM could be a token associated with the Stellar network. XLM transfers cash easier in several parts of the world than other currencies. Also, the dealing fee is incredibly low for cross-border transactions in an exceedingly stellar network. When Stellar partners with IBM, it’s become a more brilliant project within the cryptocurrency world. 


TRX is among the highest thirty crypto coins owing to its capitalization. Because of a capitalization of regarding 5.87 billion USD, TRX enjoys high trading volume and liquidity at completely different crypto exchanges and KuCoin. TRX supports decentralized peer-to-peer content sharing. With the TRON system content’s assistance, creators will interact with their audience and enjoy completely different rewards. TRON blockchain additionally offers a platform to create a decentralized App. If we point out some huge coins like BTC, which provide 6 transactions per second, and ETH offers twenty-five transactions per second, you’ll be amazed that TRX supports 2000 transactions per second.


KuCoin supports a huge number of factors more convincingly for their users. With other important data, you will easily find XLM, TRX, and SOL price on the KuCoin site. KuCoin offers a high number of promotions and trading options to traders. You will find many popular coins listed on the KuCoin site. Also, we discussed some more advanced tokens in this blog. We must read their benefits and use them on daily trading for maximum earning.

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