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When it comes to writing SEO guest posts, you can follow these guidelines:

Guide to writing high-quality  

When it comes to SEO guest posting, a good starting point is to find blogs that are worthwhile to write for. For newbies, it’s best to focus on smaller sites because they are more likely to accept guest posts. Then, you can level up to larger, more popular sites. However, to get a guest posting gig, your site must meet certain criteria, which is why it’s so important to get on their radar before submitting a guest post.

The content of your post is essential. Although your guest post will have little page rank value, it should offer something of value to the host website’s audience. It’s also important to write content that has topical relevance for SEO. It’s also helpful to let your potential high quality guest post sites host websites know exactly what you’re looking for in their content, so you don’t lose out on valuable contextual links. Once you’ve found a site that fits these requirements, the next step is to contact the host website and ask for a guest post.

Check the quality

Don’t forget to include some internal links in your guest posts. If they don’t have any internal links, this will send a signal to Google’s algorithm. Google will penalize a site that doesn’t contain internal links. You can use Screaming Frog to check the quality of your links and content. Using Screaming Frog is a good way to check for broken links and 404 errors.

Finding websites to add your SEO guest post related content can be a time-consuming process. To find the right websites, you should search for those that link to content in your niche. Contact the website owners and try to establish some kind of relationship. Trust and friendship go a long way when you conduct business. Make sure your email message is personalized and polite. Mention your website’s content and your good works.

Guest post opportunity

When contacting webmasters for SEO guest posts, make sure to have some basic information about their websites. You must be aware of their target audience and their business goals. Once you have this information, you can write an email to the webmaster asking for a guest post opportunity. If you are successful, you can request the webmaster to place your link on the site. You may also want to include screenshots of your content.

When writing a guest post, you must keep in mind that Google will review the content you submit. You must ensure that your content complies with the guidelines of Google and other search engines. Make sure your article is well written, includes relevant keywords, and provides enough context. Google also has a strict E-A-T content standard, so it’s important to be consistent and write for a wide variety of websites.

Finding high-DA sites

If you are looking to improve your page-rank by placing high-DA guest posts, the first step is finding a high-quality website that accepts your content. High-DA sites have a high page-rank and are also likely to be high-traffic sites. You will need to contact a few high-DA sites and pitch your post. The more relevant the site is to your keywords, the better.

To start off, take an eye-test. You can eliminate dead guest posting services spammy sites, and forum sites by comparing their aesthetics. DA 50 sites will have a clean, easy-to-navigate header and organized sections. Look for sites that do not have too many ads. Too many ads are a major red flag and make it hard to navigate. Try to stick to niche sites or websites that have high DA.

Last speech

A well-written article will have a good structure, bullet points, and at least two high-quality images. It will appeal to both readers and search engines alike. Moreover, you’ll get a high CTR and a good amount of traffic from high-DA sites. You can also increase your Google reputation by writing for high-DA sites. For more tips, check out the list below.

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