Mechanical Car Designing In India- Popular Courses

Car Designing

Mechanical or automotive design is a top-rated professional course in India. The demand for professionals with good hardware knowledge and skills has increased. Automotive designing simply refers to improvements of the style and dynamics of a car according to modern designs. If you need a good job profile with a salary range, then automotive designing is an excellent option. Learn about qualifications and course structure and get started.

Types Of Automotive Designing Courses In India

There are various options in electrical vehicle engineering courses to choose from. Broadly, they are classified into the following types:

  • Certificate courses: These types of courses are available both online and offline. In the case of online platforms, you need to choose a standard and popular website and apply with your academic details. Offline coaching centres will evaluate your class X and class XII marks in detail. Here are the courses offered:
  • Automobile engineering
  • Automotive and Transportation¬†
  • Professional program regarding electric cars
  • Electrical vehicle designing and development
  • Electrical vehicle retro fitment

Based on the course syllabus and structure, the duration can range from a few hours to a few months.

  • Diploma courses: A diploma course can be taken up right after completing class XII, but you need a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field for a PG diploma. It is a very efficient course structure where you can complete your study and training side by side. Make sure you choose a reputed college or coaching institute for the same. The courses include:
  • PG Diploma in Automobile engineering
  • Diploma in Automotive vehicle design
  • PG Diploma in Automotive design and manufacturing

Duration- 1-3 years 

  • Bachelor’s degree courses: The great idea is to start your training as early as possible. Therefore, choosing a course in mechanical car design right after your class XII is an excellent plan, especially if you want a stable job soon. It will kickstart your journey as an automotive car designer and increase your chances of early promotion. The courses are as follows:
  • B.Tech in Automotive Design Engineering
  • B.Sc in Automotive Engineering

The duration of each program is four years. You may need to appear for entrance exams, or the evaluation may be based on your academic qualifications. Choose your subjects wisely to get a good job ahead.

  • Master’s degree courses: You can also apply for master’s degree courses in automotive engineering if you have already completed your bachelor’s program. Here are some examples:
  • M.Tech in Automotive Engineering
  • M.Sc in Mechanical Car Designing
  • Doctorate programs: You can opt for PhD courses in mechanical car designing if you want the extra edge as a professional. The minimum duration to complete your PhD is two years and can be extended up to three years.

Gear Up With Essential Skills To Become A Top Professional In Automotive Design

To get a stable job in mechanical car design, you need to love your job. To do that, you must have the necessary skills to master the art of car design. Once you complete a popular course in car design, you are sure to get a highly-paid job in India, and your demand will likely increase soon.

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