Top 5 Crypto Faucets for Beginners


Cryptocurrency is still a fast-growing industry with emerging platforms competing for market share. Various stakeholders are willing to pay users in cryptocurrency for completing small tasks. As a user, this means you can earn free Bitcoin and other cryptos for doing something as simple as learning about a new token or filling out a survey. You can then take this crypto anywhere you like, and even sell it on an anonymous cryptocurrency exchange. Here are the top 5 crypto faucets for beginners you can start using to earn crypto right now. 

Crypto Faucet: What Is It?

A crypto faucet pays users in multiple different cryptocurrencies to perform simple tasks:

  • Filling out surveys
  • Offerwalls 
  • Watching videos
  • Clicking buttons
  • Referring others
  • Playing games

Usually, you get rewarded after successfully completing a task. Sometimes, there are limits to the number of times you can claim a faucet in a given time frame. For example, you may only be able to click the “claim” button once every 5 or 30 minutes. 

The most common unit to be paid in is Satoshis, and the typical payout is extremely low. Each Satoshi is worth 100 millionths of a Bitcoin, and faucet tasks usually pay as low as 1 Satoshi up to 5000 Satoshis. As you can imagine, it takes many Satoshis to earn a decent amount of money. Most crypto faucets will only allow you to withdraw your cryptocurrency when you reach a certain amount. Make sure you check this amount before you start! Or, you may never be able to collect and earn your reward.

The things to look for in a faucet are:

  • Decent payment size
  • Withdrawal methods
  • Low withdrawal limit
  • Time wait between tasks
  • Good coins available for earning

5 Best Crypto Faucets for Newbies

There are many faucets available, but not all are good for beginners. Here are the best and most profitable. 


FireFaucet is an extremely popular faucet with 1 million users. It’s an addictive platform with many gamified features. You can level up by completing tasks and earning daily achievements. Each day, the top 20 users on FireFaucet receive bonuses for their commitment. 

FireFaucet supports 12 cryptocurrencies, from BTC to XMR, and multiple ways to earn. There are no pop-ups on this platform if that grinds your gears!


This faucet has a “direct withdraw” feature, which allows you to pull your crypto earnings straight into your wallet. It also has 17 cryptocurrencies available to earn in. You can complete PTC (Pay to Click) advertisements, offerwalls, surveys, and even play games. There is also a “Faucet Claim” button where you can receive crypto by simply clicking it. You can press this button a maximum of once every 30 minutes. 


SatoshiLabs is a game where you can earn Bitcoin Satoshis. You set up your lab to earn passive income. You can compete with your friends and receive 20% referral commissions from every friend’s faucet claim. SatoshiLabs allows you to cash out to FaucetHub or to your Bitcoin address. 


Bitcoinker allows you to get up to 100K Satoshis (about 1/1000th of a Bitcoin) every five minutes. It’s a simple button press to earn a random amount of Satoshis. You need to solve a captcha each time you use the faucet, and you can use it a maximum of 120 times per 24-hour period.

Allcoins has a faucet you can claim every 6 minutes and various other tasks. There is a betting game VegaDice where you can win up to 2 BTC. OfferWall allows you to earn 0.01 Bitcoin for completing a survey. With PTC, you earn money by visiting specific pages and clicking links. It’s also possible to earn cryptos other than BTC, depending on the game you choose to pay. 

How — and Whether — to Choose

Crypto faucets are fun ways to get free cryptocurrency whenever you like. However, ensure you calculate how much you are earning if you are doing this purely for profit. Most faucet sites don’t pay out enough to make it worth it for profit only. However, if you like playing games and trying out new things online, why not open one or more accounts on these crypto faucet websites!

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