Top tips for buying custom-made hoodies


There are several options when it comes to purchasing custom-made hoodies. Here are some things to consider: Color, fabric blends, printing, and branding. Choose the right one for your brand! So, what do you need to consider when buying custom-made hoodies? This article will provide you with some valuable tips to make your next purchase a successful one.

Color options

If you want to create an image with a photograph, consider ordering a custom hoodie with photorealistic prints. While hoodies look great, there are certain limitations to the color of the design. When buying a hoodie online, make sure you manage your artwork correctly so that your hoodie is printed in the exact color you want. The colors that match on your screen may not be accurate, but if the colors are correct, you can order a refund.

Embroidered designs look elegant on a hoodie, but they can be expensive. For more affordable options, screen printing is a good option, and screen printing is versatile and can print on most types of fabrics. 

Fabric blends

If you’re buying a custom-made hoodie, you’ll need to know the fabric yardage. The yardage depends on the hoodie’s size, the fabric you’re using, and how wide your fabric is. 

There are two main types of synthetic fabrics available for hoodies. The first one is polyester, which is much cheaper than cotton. However, polyester is not very warm next to the skin, so you’ll want to look for a 100% cotton hoodie. Polyester is lightweight, but most cotton is heavier than polyester. If you’re looking for a more athletic hoodie, you might want to look for a blend that contains lycra.

If you’re unsure which fabric is better for your custom hoodie, you can look for tri-blend fabrics. These fabrics feature a looser weave, which allows the ink to show through. Polyester-spandex blends are another option because of the fabric’s durability. The main difference between polyester and spandex is the cost of production, and the former is cheaper and more durable than the latter.

The next important consideration when choosing personalised embroidered hoodies is the fabric blend. There are different types of fabrics, but cotton-based is the most common. It is super soft on the inside and smooth and comfortable on the outside. Historically, sweatshirt fabric has been 100% cotton but is now usually a blend of polyester and cotton. Both materials have pros and cons, so consider the blend before buying a hoodie.

Printing options

You can choose from several printing methods, including screen printing, sublimation, and embroidery. There are various ways to customize your hoodies, and some companies are more flexible than others. For example, if you need a large-scale logo printed, you may want to choose a company that offers screen printing services. 

You can choose from an extensive clip art library and purchase pre-designed hoodies if you’d prefer a simpler design. Depending on the type of hoodie you choose, you may want to consider embroidered designs instead. These are ideal for small-scale, single-piece rainbow designs but can be challenging to maintain shape after washing.


Personalized logo hoodies are an excellent way to brand your company. Many people wear custom hoodies for various reasons, including to show support for their favorite charity or to market an event or sponsorship. These hoodies can also help you offset the costs of a large-scale event by allowing you to promote sponsors. Heavyweight custom hoodies are a great choice if you want to promote a high-end brand.

You can also choose a style that matches your theme. You can also select hoodies with a slogan or other creative message. The hoodie can be part of an employee’s uniform, team wear, or corporate apparel. These products are fun and will surely get you a good response. There are many ways to brand these custom hoodies, and you can choose the most appropriate option for your company.

Logo embroidery services offer a range of services to help you brand hoodies. A good consultant will be able to recommend hot items and help you select the best promotional merchandise for your business. Custom hoodies are an excellent way to show your employees how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication. They also provide you with a valuable tool to increase your fan following. Your customers will love the recognition you give them with branded custom hoodies.


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