Top tips for customizing a poncho


Here are tips for customizing a poncho. Adding vents is an excellent way to increase airflow, and if you want more style, consider adding pockets. Other great additions include camo patterns or smock-style sleeves. Whether you choose a plain poncho or one with a print, there are plenty of ways to customize it. Whether for personal use or outdoor activity, customizing a poncho can be as simple or complex as you like.

Vents increase airflow

Using vents to maximize airflow is a great way to save money. They can be added to almost any poncho style, from basic hoodies to oversized, multi-functional ones. In addition to increased air flow, vent extenders are a great way to add a personal touch. They come in a low, flat tunnel shape, opening up the space underneath the poncho while increasing ventilation.

Adding pockets

To add pockets to a poncho, follow the pattern directions for the pocket and fold the fabric in half. Ensure the folds are even at right angles to the front seam. Place the front pocket at the location marked on the pattern. To add a back pocket, follow the same steps. Fold the fabric in half right sides, and sew around the pocket. Continue sewing until the entire poncho has pockets.

If you have a circular poncho pattern, you can mark the half circles at the midpoints of the folded edge. Then, sew the bottom ribbing onto the body panels. Sewing these pieces with a granite stitch will help the pieces lay flat and drape better. Depending on the length and shape of the poncho, you can add more or fewer initial chains to make it wider or narrower.

Adding a smock style

Adding a smock style is easy to make a poncho look more tailored and feminine. The Denison smock was popular with troops during the Korean War and remained a standard combat garment for the Royal Marines until the mid-1970s. This poncho style was designed to be worn under a poncho, and has several variations suitable for different weather conditions.

You can purchase smocks in bronze or black to fit your clients and stylists, and some of the smocks even have a zipper for easy access. These ponchos are designed for full body protection and are made with premium quality, durability, and functionality.

Ponchos with a zip are convenient for many different situations. They are easy to put on and take off, and the zippers are usually on the shoulders. A zip smock is easy to put on and takes a few seconds. In addition to a zipper, a smock can also be worn over a regular garment like a poncho.

Adding a camo pattern

There are so many different types of camo patterns that your head will spin. One company prints as many as 40 different types! These patterns are typically divided into two categories: hunting and military. Hunting camo patterns often feature plants, flowers, and other natural elements, as well as random shapes designed to hide from animals. On the other hand, military camo patterns tend to be more abstract and are often digital or pixilated. Light signatures are essential when choosing a camo pattern, and fabrics are often treated with specialized coatings to make them less visible.

Choosing a poncho style

Fashion may be one of the most significant factors in a poncho. While it is true that the winter poncho is a must-have for keeping warm, fashion may be just as important as performance. Those looking fashionable will have a few more options than those who value performance. A warm poncho might be clunky and cumbersome, but a stylish poncho might be sleek and sophisticated.

When styling your poncho from, the more flowy, the better. This garment typically has a hole in the front to put your head through, and it billows over your arms. Because it doesn’t hold its shape very well, styling it is difficult. You can dress it up by wearing a mini skirt or a pair of skinny jeans, or dress it down by wearing a pair of wide-legged pants with heels. Likewise, a patterned poncho may be worn with a solid-colored dress. However, patterned ponchos tend to create a top-heavy effect when worn with a solid-colored dress.

Choosing a poncho style can be tricky! While a long poncho can be very stylish, a short poncho will add an unexpected style to any outfit. This style is best paired with tights or leather leggings for a chic look. A striped poncho will be a more subtle option, but it’s not a complete disaster!

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