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Top tips for replacing toilet cistern parts simple and easy

toilet cistern

If you have a broken cistern, you might want to know how to replace a leaking inlet valve or a wax ring. Luckily, there are some simple tips for you to follow when replacing the cistern parts. Keep reading to learn more. Here are some of the most common parts and how to replace them. Also, please read our article on how to replace a toilet’s wax ring.

Replace cistern inlet valve

To replace the inlet valve, you should remove the old one. To do this, you can use a crescent wrench to loosen the nut and pipe connecting them. Then, carefully remove the old valve by unscrewing it. Do not overtighten the bolt as it may crack the porcelain. Then, install the new one. Before you proceed, make sure to check for leaks at the bottom of the tank.

In replacing toilet cistern parts, you can follow the steps outlined below. First, unclip the refill tube from the overflow tube. Next, remove the old fill valve and replace it with a new one. You can adjust its height by twisting its base. Lastly, place the new valve and locknut on its base. Once you’re finished, you’re ready to install the new valve.

To replace the fill valve, disconnect the water supply line from the toilet and remove the old valve. Then, use an adjustable wrench to remove the old valve. Next, remove the old fill valve. Once you’ve done this, you can install the new one by inserting it through the hole in the valve. Secure it with a nut on the outside. The replacement valve will need to be installed in the same manner.

Make sure it has the same type as the old one

The new valve is attached to the water supply line. Before you replace it, make sure it has the same type as the old one. Then, attach the flapper. Replace the flapper. It’s essential to install the new fill valve correctly to maintain a water-tight seal. You can even adjust the height of the fill valve. To ensure the right height, the fill valve should be slightly higher than the overflow pipe but not so high that it will prevent the tank lid from closing.

Then, locate the pipe going into the wall behind the toilet. Once you’ve located it, turn the valve clockwise to shut off the water supply. This way, you won’t get wet while performing the process. WD-40 or a pair of groove-joint pliers may help you loosen the stuck valve. Do not force the valve, or you’ll cause it to break, which may result in flooding in the bathroom.

To remove the old shut-off valve, you must remove the old connector from the pipe. You can use a pipe cutter or a junior hacksaw for this job. If you’re a DIYer, you should use the proper tool because cutting with a junior hacksaw can lead to copper particles that will clog the filter and prevent the valve from sealing properly.

Replace cistern wax ring

You will need a few basic tools to replace the toilet cistern wax ring. First, turn off the water in the toilet cistern, and you will find the shutoff valve behind the toilet. Afterward, follow the directions on the toilet’s manual. 

You will need a wrench and a pair of rubber gloves. To remove the wax ring, remove the bolts and ensure the toilet sits on the floor properly. Make sure the toilet is level and aligned with the anchor bolt holes. Then, tighten the anchor bolts using a wrench to ensure the toilet does not leak. If you are concerned about the water pressure, you should check the seal with a plumber.

Before you begin the replacement process, turn off the water in the toilet and remove the old wax ring. Make sure to remove as much water as you can. If you have a water leak or damage to the ceiling, a professional plumber will be able to help you with this task. After removing the old wax ring, clean the area with bleach or a cleaning product. Once this is done, push the new wax ring around the discharge hole at the bottom of the toilet base. Next, insert the new mounting bolts. You can even replace your cistern wax ring yourself if you don’t have the time to hire a professional to do it.

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