What are the different types of motorcycle filters?

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If you’re thinking about changing your bike’s filter, here are a few things to consider. Paper filters are cheap but won’t last as long as oil-based filters. Oil-based filters are more expensive but are environmentally friendly and can boost engine performance. Listed below are some of the most common types of motorcycle filters, as well as how to choose the right one for your bike

Oil-based filters last longer than paper-based filters

Oil-based motorcycle filters have several advantages. First of all, they are washable and reusable. As a bonus, they last longer than paper-based filters. You can re-oil an oil-based filter several times, and the oil can still be used for another filter. Second, oil-based filters can be reused, so they are a greener option than paper-based filters. 

The oil-based filter lasts longer than paper-based filters because the synthetic oil can resist heat better. Also, it’s non-toxic, so the oil doesn’t burn and is easily sucked into the intake. It also prevents foam degradation, making it easier to clean. There are some downsides to using oil-based motorcycle filters, but overall, the oil-based motorcycle filters last longer

They’re more expensive

An oil-based type is a good option for motorcycles with a higher price tag. Oil-based filters are more durable and usually last longer than paper-based filters. But they cost twice as much as their paper counterparts. However, they should be replaced only when they have reached the end of their serviceable life. Motorcycle filters can also be cleaned or oiled to extend their life. A good choice for a motorcycle filter depends on mileage and riding conditions.

OEM air filters are usually paper-based that are designed to work with stock exhaust and fuelling. However, manufacturers must balance the power of a motorcycle with the demands of emissions regulations. Hence, the stock exhaust is not capable of producing maximum power. It is possible to keep the stock exhaust and fuel and buy a reusable air filter. There are many brands of motorcycle air filters available. However, these products’ price depends on the motorcycle air filter you need.

They’re better for the environment

There are several benefits of replacing your motorcycle air filter. Not only do you save money on fuel costs, but you can also improve your bike’s performance. High-performance air filters can also increase horsepower, throttle response, torque, and power. Aftermarket companies offer many types of high-performance air filters that are washable and reusable, meaning that they can outlast your bike! Whether you ride daily or several times a year, it’s worth checking your air filters.

Many motorcycles are equipped with air filters that are oil-based. They improve airflow and are better for the environment than paper. Oil-based air filters can be reoiled and cleaned to improve their effectiveness. Oil-based air filters are often used on off-road motorcycles, where high-quality air can be a premium. Oil-based filters also trap dust particles, allowing for good airflow. Paper filters can become clogged after only a few rides, restricting airflow and reducing power. The growing popularity of motorcycles is increasing the demand for filters.

They increase engine power

Adding an air filter to a motorcycle’s intake system is a great way to improve engine power. Air filters prevent debris from entering the engine, causing damage to the internal parts. Without a filter, piston rings would grind against the cylinder walls, causing friction and wear, and it would eventually lead to the engine’s demise. Fortunately, air filters are relatively inexpensive and can significantly improve engine power.

Aftermarket air filters provide better filtration and airflow than stock air filters, increasing horsepower and torque. These filters also help your motorcycle burn fuel more efficiently. High-quality filters are available at a wide range of prices, and experts suggest replacing your stock set-up with one that offers higher airflow. The advantage of high-flow filters is that they can last much longer than stock ones and don’t get clogged easily.

A typical motorcycle air filter element contains small particles and clogs. High-flow filters, such as K&N air filters, provide a high flow and low restriction system, improving performance and extending the life of your bike’s engine. K&N air filters also offer more air for the engine and improve throttle response. If you don’t need to upgrade your air filter, you can purchase an inexpensive high-flow air filter for your motorcycle. In addition to upgrading your air filter, you should consider reprogramming your motorcycle’s emissions. If you want to get peak torque, oiled foam air filters can help. You may also check to look for the best one for you!


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