What questions you should ask your solar installer

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If you’re looking to install a solar energy system, there are many questions that you should ask your solar installer. A solar installer should explain how the system will work, how the panels are located, how they produce energy, and whether there are any obstacles. Before signing on the dotted line, you should also know the financial benefits of solar energy. Hopefully, these questions will help you decide which solar installer to hire

Must be licensed to work in your state, insured, and have several years of experience.

Before signing a contract with a solar installer, you should know what to look for. A solar company must be licensed to work in your state, insured, and have several years of experience. Some solar companies specialize in certain aspects of solar power, while others outsource different parts of the job. Ask about warranties, maintenance, and grid-tied solar power, which will allow you to sell back any extra energy your system generates.

If you’re considering going solar, you’ll want to know your current energy bill. Many people have difficulty interpreting energy bills, so it’s critical to have some examples to look at. The installers specializing in this field will have ample experience working with utilities and permitting processes. You’ll also want to know if the company has a tie-up with the utility company and whether they subcontract their work to other solar installers.

Sizing a solar system

To size a solar power system correctly, you must determine how much energy you use daily, and it can be done through a solar calculator. Generally, people consume more electricity in the summer and winter, when A/C or heat is in use. Therefore, collecting your last 12 electric bills and dividing them by twelve is best to get a monthly average. In addition to electricity usage, solar energy production depends on the sunlight available. 

The overall size of a solar system is commonly expressed in watts. Thus, a six-kilowatt system would have 20 panels of 325 watts each. When planning a solar power system, you should also consider aesthetics. You can choose a solar power system with all panels facing the same direction or a large rectangle with no outliers. It is essential to consider your budget, space constraints, and energy needs before you begin sizing your system.


If you have chosen a solar installation company, one of the first questions you should ask is if they have a product warranty. If the company does not have one, you should ask them to explain their policy. You should be aware that some warranties last only a year or two, and you should ask whether the warranty covers the whole system or is only limited to certain parts.

Another essential question to ask your solar installer is whether they offer a workmanship warranty or a performance guarantee. The performance guarantee promises that the solar system will work for you for a certain amount of years and will be free from defects or malfunctions.


To determine whether a solar installer has the experience you’re looking for, you should ask past customers and read online reviews. Ask about their experience and request references from their clients. A good solar installer should be able to explain the whole process in simple terms. If possible, get in touch with neighbours or friends who have recently converted their homes to solar. You may feel more confident after talking to these people about their experience with solar power.

A solar installer must have the technical skills to install solar panels and be licensed. This license is a requirement by some clients, but it is not the only qualification that an installer should have. The experience and qualifications of a solar installer should be listed on the resume.

Customer testimonials

When looking for a solar installer, customer testimonials and reviews at Symons Energy are one of the best ways to make an informed decision. These reviews give you insight into a solar company’s quality of work, customer service, and dedication. Not only can they help you choose the right solar installer for your project, but they can also help you avoid bad experiences with a company. The best way to read customer testimonials is to ask friends, family, or neighbours for references. Check out Google Reviews and Solar Reviews websites to see what people say about solar companies.


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